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Who we are

Phoenix Classical (a Division of Phoenix Records Ltd. / Canada) is one of the foremost promoters of Classical Music to classical radio & press around the World. We work regularly with US, European and International artists and labels.

What we do

Our goal as a company is to help get support from Classical Radio, and from Classical Press, for you as an artist, and for your CD, so as to help build up your international profile as an artist and to help build up the international profile of your CD.

Our Radio Promotion service is a full-service promotion whereby we create a professional Radio Kit for each CD that we promote, and which we then mail out to our roster of Classical Radio stations and Classical Press.

Our Radio & Press Roster

Our North American radio station roster includes up to 80 primary Classical radio stations – which, when you include repeaters & networks, represents about 180+ North American classical radio stations – with approximately 95% of these radio stations being US radio stations. These are full-scale FM/AM stations, not internet-only radio.

In addition, we also target approximately 200+ additional radio stations in the North American market via various syndicated classical radio programs.

Our International radio roster includes up to 70 additional Classical radio stations in key global markets around the world. As part of our International Classical Press promotion, we service approximately 30 key international Classical Press.

Our Tracking

Once the Radio Kit is mailed out, we do follow-up Tracking for a period of 8-12 weeks (two – three months, depending on the Package) for each title that we promote.

Tracking is the heart & soul of radio promotion – it is the essential element in securing results – that means that we regularly follow-up with the radio stations and press throughout the tracking period to confirm that they got the Kit, had a chance to review it and then we push the CD for airplay.

Our Reports

Because of the extensive Tracking that we do for every CD that we promote, we are able to supply you with Reports that list the full scope of the Promotion, and also list the results of our Promotion, giving you information on which radio stations and press are supporting your CD.

About our Markets
Our Classical Radio Promotion targets all the key classical radio stations around the World in the following International Global markets:
In addition, we target all the key International Classical Press for review.
Our Packages
We have Six Packages that we offer – each package utilizes the same Radio Kit and includes regular Tracking, and differs only in the number of radio stations targeted and the length of the Tracking period.